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Find Texas gardening information and printable garden sheets to help address your garden planning, care and maintenance questions. Discover a wide range of plants suited for Texas gardens.  Visit us to see what's new, fresh and in season for planting right now.

With more Texas Certified Nursery Professionals than any other retailer in the state we're available to answer your questions in person at any of our Texas garden center location. 

No matter what the level of gardener you are, we have the informaiton, proper plants and garden supplies to help you succeed in your Texas garden.



Annuals bloom for months on end, completing their life cycle in a year or less. They have a great range of colorful flowers from which to choose. Read more about beautiful Texas flower choices that add garden color.


Lanceleaf CoreopsisNative Plants

Naturally adapted to the Texas environment, uncommonly beautiful.



Butterflies and hummingbirds gardensSpecialty Gardens

Attract beautiful butterflies and birds to your garden. We give you lots of information to get started!
Create a lush and exotic Shade Garden, or tickle all five senses with a Stiumulating garden. And if you are short on land or space, no problem, we have all kinds of container gardening ideas!



Go from bare-spot “blahs” to excited “ahhs!” Groundcovers with their rich foliage and delicate flowers can take traffic in the Texas garden! Find out more about these low maintenance plants by visiting us at one of our Calloway's or Cornelius Garden Centers.



Find out how to create a lush, green healthy Texas lawn that adds beauty and value to your home by visiting us or Read more about lawn care